Beyond the Beaten Path

Visit a place and your life will be changed. News about that place will forever have new impact. History of that place will have new interest.
Here’s your chance to view and learn about some places I have visited, and maybe inspire you to visit them, or some of the myriad other interesting places.
Where you go is significant, by why and how you go is more important.

I have found that it helps to travel with a purpose, such as:

  • volunteer on a research expedition
  • To engage in an interesting activity, such as fly fishing
  • To create photographic images
  • To take advantage of a business trip

As a volunteer, you get behind the scenes, meet new people and achieve a feeling of accomplishment. I have volunteered on scientific research expeditions, as organized by Earthwatch Institute and similar non-profit organizations.

Participation in a sport you enjoy can add spice to a trip. I like fly fishing and it is different in Slovenia!

Most people carry a camera on trips, but going beyond snapshots improves the joy of  travel. Create some special images: ask kids for a shot and watch their reaction; go to a market and search out weird fruits; look for shots that capture the sense of place in one image; look for images that other folks will want to buy and/or use.

Business travel can be a bore–but you can see and do new things if you are resourceful and keep your eyes open. Read my book “Travel Adventures on the Company’s Nickel”.

Some places are just great areas to visit, even if they don’t feature Earthwatch expeditions or great fly fishing.

On your travels, make time to keep a journal, so that when you return you can remember (and report ) what you saw and did. It doesn’t have to be fancy.